We believe that self-directed investing is the only way to grow one’s wealth effectively. Owning a well-structured, diversified portfolio tailored to each individual’s risk profile and life goals, along with a well though-out strategy for life and asset protection is a proven way to achieve that growth. Taking our finances in our own hand means saving on fees, taxes, commissions, hence enhancing our long-term portfolio returns. We will help you assess you risk tolerance, structure an investment and protection strategy that will provide you with an effective financial plan to reach your life’s goals, without sacrificing sleep or those fun things in life we all enjoy.

We don’t manage your capital – you do. We offer advice, knowledge, and a detailed financial plan, but everyone will invest their own account. You control the process and your finances and that’s what makes personal finance, well, personal. This approach saves time, paperwork and fees that can be avoided. We will hold your hand in the entire process. From risk assessment to portfolio structuring, to opening an account (if don’t have one already) to the mechanics of trade execution.

All our plans include, on one hand us sharing our long-term experience, good practices and short concept review, and on the other preparation of specific savings plans, investment portfolios and recommend the necessary insurance coverage.

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