Be Prepared All In

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Preparation of a complete financial, investment and insurance plan.


Saving is an easy concept but quite hard for most to implement. We will show you definitive strategies for more and easier saving. In the investment module we will demonstrate why we all need to invest out savings. We will analyze your risk profile and will prepare an investment plan in relation to your preferences and needs. Also, we will detail how to follow your investment strategy and how to significantly increase your return. Often one pays higher investment premium compared to the coverage received. We will propose the most optional ratio.

This package includes the following modules:

1. Save smart – effective saving is the first step to wealth creation

  • Saving and Optimization
  • Individual Plan
  • Personal and Family Budget
  • Preparation of a complete saving strategy

 2. Invest effectively – strategic and long-term investing is the key to financial success

  • Self-directed investing or why we need to take control of our own finances?
  • Analysis, optimization and saving on fees in an investment portfolio
  • Individual risk assessment
  • Preparation of a sustainable investment strategy and will endure the test of time and economic cycles

3. Insure adequately – well thought out protection is an integral part of our individual financial and investment plan

  • Comparison of different insurance products
  • Analysis of optional coverage and cost of premium
  • Individual insurance profile
  • Implementation of an insurance strategy


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Be Prepared All InBe Prepared All In
1900,00 лв.