Why being prepared is more important than ever?

To plan means to prepare. Do you really have to do it? Do you really need it? Why bother and not live now and for the present moment? Can you predict the future? Does such a prediction look like a totally impossible process considering all that has happened in the last two years.

All of these are just part of a long list of questions that everyone asks themselves at some point of their life. The answers are neither simple, nor definite, but their essence is that nothing happens “just like that.” And just as there is a plan in every profession and business venture, so in life, in order to be prepared and successful, we also need one. This plan aims to lay the foundations for something that we hope to build, to achieve and accordingly, be rewarded with its realization and fulfillment of our expectations.

But how planning to buy home, car, boat or to travel to exotic destinations can actually become a reality? How can we provide a good education for our children and do our best to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow? How? The answer here is simple – if we have money! Yes, you would say that money is earned and spent, that money is not the most important thing in life, that very often it “spoil” people and this will be true. But in fact, without money, no matter how much we wish, there is no way to realize any of our desires. However, no matter how much money you earn, if you do not manage it wisely, you still wouldn’t have success.

Most probably you are familiar with the feeling of “evaporation” of money. You have a lot of money and somehow it has been spent up imperceptibly, and you don’t even know where, how and why?

Just because of that reason you need a financial plan. What is it? Such a plan is the complete picture of your current finances, your financial goals and all the savings and investment strategies you have set for achieving them. They can be anything you want, but to have a real chance of realization, you need something personal. A financial plan that analyzes your personal financial situation, your personal risk profile, the level of savings, assets, liabilities and investments already made, as well as the need for protection for upcoming and unexpected events.

In fact, this is only the beginning, because after that comes the specific and concrete actions, the setting of real goals, their monetary impact and the time to achieve them.

Probably you must be wondering, who really needs this? You have a good monthly income, you earn something extra, you can afford almost everything you need. For everything else, there are banks, leases and repayment options. At the same time, once you pay these off one day, you will have a pension and possibly some additional income from assets acquired during the years of employment.

Yes, but no!

No, because often the current situation changes so unexpectedly that you can’t believe it.

No, because banks, leases, and everyone else who “helps” you with larger purchases aren’t really your friends, and they have no interest if you’re out of money or you’re experiencing difficulties at the moment.

No, because it will be difficult for the future generations to get a pension, and what will eventually remain will by no means be enough to spend decently the old age.

Let’s hope that we will be in a good health, and we can handle it. Let’s hope that we will bring up the children to be responsible and to help us when they are in an active, working age. Let’s hope that nothing bad comes to us – natural disasters, family, health, or any other problems. Let’s hope …… but let’s not forget that hope kills. If you are not ready for tomorrow, if you are not prepared for the future, you have no chance to be successful!

Be Prepared!

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